Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teddy Bears Beans and Grain Art

We were out doing grocery shopping today and I was trying to find for a packet of peanuts with the least spoilt nuts. I just couldn't help noticing how beautiful all these colorful beans and grains look together and an idea struck me. These items will make a wonderful activity for Maya. So from grocery shopping, I rushed off to my favorite RM5 shop, Daiso, and got a few teddy bear containers. Maya named them, Maymie Bear, Papa Bear and Maya bear. Little girl was so excited and engrossed in scooping the grain and beans into the containers. When they were all done, or more to when we finally ran out of grain and beans, we put the covers back on the teddy bears. Lo and behold, Maya just made Maymie Bear and Papa Bear shakers with a little Maya Bear drum. I must admit there were some spilt beans and all, but nothing that could not be cleaned up with a good sweep. :)


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